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Jing Wang Thomas is an award-winning artist and scenographer based in the UK, graduated from Arts, Creativity and Education at St John's College of University of Cambridge (Distinction). She received a MA in Scenography from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama of the University of London with a scholarship from Prof. Gavin Henderson (CBE) in 2012.


As a theatre practitioner and artist, her practice is informed by several important scientific thinkers, such as Niles Bohr’s philosophy-physics, Donna Haraway, Karen Barad. Her diffractive theatre Copenhagen seeks to test whether 'waves' of artistic practice and theatrical discourse resonate, interfere, and align with scientists’ understanding of philosophy.


In recent years her research focuses on XR (extended reality) performance and explores how scenography can work in two-fold realities. Her recent virtual reality project Life of Galileo (2022) was part of a digital research project at Cambridge University. Ballad of the Pipa (2021) is an intra-active VR piece exploring the relationship between the human being and digital scenography. Over the past 20 years, she has designed for many of the most prominent scenographies in China, UK and Europe, including The Diaries of John Rabe (2019) at Berlin State Opera and Vienna Ronacher Theatre, Lao Can Impression (2019) at London Southbank Centre, Memory (2019) at the Beijing Stage Design Invitation Exhibition, The Tenant (2017) at National Portrait Gallery, 170 Days in Nanking (2017) at Jiangsu Centre for Performing Arts, Hamlet (2016) at the National Centre for Performing Arts, Beijing, Normal Love (2014) at Sadler‘s Wells Theatre in London, 27 Wagons Full of Cotton (2014) at The 1st Toga Asian Theatre Director Festival in Japan. 170 Days in Nanking (2017) was nominated as a finalist of the International Opera Awards 2018 in the UK.

王   晶       艺术家、戏剧实践者。本科毕业于上海戏剧学院舞台美术系,英国皇家中央戏剧与演讲学院研究生,英国Prof. Gavin Henderson(CBE)院长奖学金获得者。 目前就读于英国剑桥大学圣约翰学院,研究方向: 艺术与科技。 2014年在英国剑桥设立个人工作室,创作往返于中、英两国。2014年在英国剑桥设立个人工作室,创作往返于中、英两国。


具有丰富剧场工作经验的设计师,作品涉足歌剧、话剧、舞剧、音乐剧等多种戏剧样式。近期歌剧作品《拉贝日记》获英国2018国际歌剧大奖“世界首演”提名奖,是中国首部歌剧作品入围歌剧界奥斯卡,作为首部华语歌剧2019年7月呈现于欧洲顶级剧院柏林国家歌剧院舞台,获国际赞誉。近期作品包括,深圳歌剧舞剧院《追梦人》(2019),伦敦南岸艺术中心音乐戏剧作品《老残印象》(2018),英国国家肖像博物馆沉浸式戏剧作品《房客》(2017),伦敦著名舞蹈剧场Sadler’s Wells的《平凡之爱》(Normal Love)(2014),中国国家大剧院的《哈姆雷特》(2016);日本铃木忠志亚洲导演戏剧节《满满27车棉花》(2014);上海话剧中心《危情十日》(2017)、《起飞在即》(2016)、《桃姐》(2015)、《长生》(2014)、《香水》(2014)、《仲夏》(2014)、《怀疑》(2010),第九届全军汇演《骄子从军》(2009)、上海虹口足球场明星版话剧《红楼梦》(2007),北京国际音乐节肖斯塔科维奇歌剧《鼻子》(2006),普契尼歌剧《三联剧》(2008),儿童剧《安徒生》(2007),京剧《袁崇焕》(2004),音乐剧《酒干倘卖无》(2017),《楼兰》(2014),《尼尔斯骑鹅历险记》(2013)等,其中民族戏剧《那山那水那云》(2005)荣获第三届全国少数民族汇演金奖。


从业18年中,同时探索Scenography的独立艺术表达,装置作品包括《记忆》、影像作品《桃花源记》等。 作为青年一代艺术实践者,始终关注空间的探索。

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